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iD : ★★★★★ selon Around the Town Chicago!

★★★★★ Over the years, we have seen many CIRQUE shows, some in tents, others in larger theaters and even the annual Navy Pier presentation. Most of them are very similar in nature, with either a story line or a circus type of theme. The newest production, now onstage at The Cadillac Palace Theatre, “Cirque Eloize iD” is a unique, highly energetic acrobatic production that has no real story, but rather an identity of the streets. From the very start of this dazzling production, we watch the 16 performers and some wonderful projection take us to a busy city where we see people from all walks of life, doing what theydo- going from one point to another, some in a brisk pattern, others in what appears to be “tourist mode”. taking photos and staring up at the tall buildings. The show is about iDentityand indiviDuality and  will take you away from what is going on in your outside world for two plus hours!

Artistic director Jeannot Painchaud utilizes the circus talents of his 16 performers in unique ways and with the wonderful music ( rock, electronic and very Urban, as are many of the dance routines) allow this highly energetic cast do “do their thing”. The set is simply an amazing wall with levels and partitions that move. In the wall are a multitude of doors that the performers go in and out of, often in very unusual ways. Yes, we have some of the usual routines found in other presentations- the hand balancing, the silks, the tower of chairs ( with a new twist), juggling, the straps, contortion, aerial hoop and the wheel, but all in new and different, creative ways. This is not your same old “Cirque”!

There are some amazing break dancing routines and a wild and crazy scene that is close to a “West Side Story” rumble with jump ropes. A bike routine that will amaze you and a second opportunity when an audience member is brought on stage to have the cycle bounce over him from almost every direction. The last scene, done on a trampowall, while hard to explain is one of the most unique acts I have ever seen and in all honesty, this piece alone is worth the price of admission. A true work of imagination, energy and amazing ability! The sixteen members of this company; Fletcher Sanchez, Dmytro Bogodist, Alona Burlachenko, Melissa “Melly Mel” Flerangile, Nicolas Fortin, Christian “Sancho”Garmatter, Xuan Le ( a great online skater), Josianne Levasseur, Richard Maguire, Baptiste Montassier, Forty Nguyen, Hugo Ouellet-Cote, Thibault Philippe, Manda Rydma, Ryan Shinji Muray and Emi Vauthey.They deserved the standing ovation they were given on opening night!

While the talent is brilliant, the direction  superb, the technical people also deserve credit for putting on a true entertainment experience. Hip-Hop choreographer (Mourad Merzouki), the musical score (Jean-Phi Goncalves with Alex McMahon), the set, video image co-designer (Robert Massicotte), costumes (Linda Brunelle), great lighting effects (Nicolas Descoteaux) and Alexis Laurence who co-designed the video images. This is truly an ensemble piece, with all of the performers adding to the choreography and a tech crew that feels the energy that this company has created as if they were on the stage themselves. The production will continue at The Cadillac Palace Theatre located at 151 West Randolph Street as part of the Broadway In Chicago series through May 8th, so I would suggest you get off your couch and get your tickets purchased right away.

The performance schedule is as follows:

Saturday, April 30th at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.,Sunday , May 1st at 1 p.m. and then next Friday,May 6th at 7:30 p.m.,Saturday the 7th at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m. and the final performance , Sunday, May 8th. This is a limited opportunity- don’t miss it!

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