News/May 17, 2022

GCC Games opening ceremony 2022

The 2022 GCC Games in Kuwait promise to be an unforgettable and defining moment for the Gulf region.

The Opening Ceremony will feature an epic indoor show, taking the crowd – along with live television and social media audiences around the globe – on an immersive journey through the history, culture, and evolution of sports across the Gulf nations. Combining ground-breaking technologies and outstanding creativity, this stunning production of Éloize Entertainment, will inspire, unite, and capture the imaginations of all by bringing the story of GCC sports to life like never before.

This world-class event will shine a light on the power of teamwork and the unique ability of sports to bring individuals, communities, and nations together. By competing as individuals, while playing a part in something bigger that ourselves, we can nurture talent, master success, and unleash our endless possibilities.

The GCC Games Opening Ceremony in Kuwait presentation by Éloize Entertainment (the 22nd of May, 2022)

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