News/Apr 22, 2024

Rouge 2100: new immersive exhibition

We are thrilled to launch our new immersive exhibition, ROUGE 2100, in collaboration with the Montréal Planétarium/Espace pour la vie and Farah Alibay, aerospace engineer and ROUGE 2100’s scientific muse.

Starting April 23, you are invited to hop aboard the interplanetary shuttle and set off on an odyssey to Mars, where scientific rigour meets a vision of a not-too-distant world. Welcome to a fictional base atop Mount Olympus.

Guided by the artificial intelligence Felicity 87, travelers leave Earth for Mars to discover different aspects of life on this planet. How could we live on Mars? How is gravity different from Earth? What are the sources of energy supply and the characteristics of a spacesuit for walking safely on the planet’s surface? These are just some of the questions the expedition will answer. Welcome to Mars in 2100!

ROUGE 2100 will be presented from April 23, 2024 at the Planétarium.

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* Access to ROUGE 2100 is included in the purchase of a ticket for a film or film duo.

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